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a guaranteed Buy / Buy-Back program

Buying with TransAtlantic Automobile is buying without worries. Our service includes a guaranteed Buy / Buy-Back program for long-term travelers. All formalities, including registration and insurance, are handled through our office on your behalf.

Drivers must be at least 18 year of age with a valid drivers license. Drivers who do not have a USA driver's license must provide a national driver's license and a translation thereof or an international license.


Details with quotation on request. Depreciation rate includes 100 free miles per day. Each additional mile will be listed in the offer. 

For travelling to the regions Alaska or Yukon an additional charge of $ 450,00 will apply. Guarantee for vehicle (engine, axles and transmission) is valid for these regions.

Rental of Vehicle

If you plan to travel less than 6 or 7 weeks (depending on the vehicle type and rental season), it is more cost effective to rent a vehicle. Please request rental rates and rental. Please provide travel dates.

One-Way Fees

The following one-way fees will apply (NY – LA or LA – NY):

Passenger Vehicles


Van or Van-Campers


Motorhomes (20’-32’)


There will be no charge if you pick up your car in Los Angeles and drop it off in New York.

We also offer delivery of vehicles to any other city within the continental USA. If there is no TransAtlantic Automobile representation, the charges range from $ 280 to $ 800. Ask us for a price quote.

Selling Privately

All vehicles (with some exceptions) can be sold privately. A travel schedule is required to obtain registration and insurance papers on time. Processing of the title will take 2 to 8 weeks, depending upon the State of issuance.

Helpful Hints

  • When inquiring about an offer, please include all names of your fellow travelers. List age of children.
  • Some Vans (Van-Campers) have short beds, some have longer beds. Please indicate the height of all passengers.
  • We cannot accept credit cards for payment. Payment can be made in cash, traveler checks, or by certified bank checks issued from an American bank account. Contact your local Bank representative.
  • Please observe office hours and holidays for pick-up and drop-off dates · Upon returning the vehicle in Los Angeles or in New York, refunds, if applied, will immediately be issued.
  • Personal equipment, such as dishes, cutlery, linens, towels, sleeping bags, etc. is not included in the purchase price. Pre-owned equipment can be purchased at our stations, if available.
  • If overnight accommodations are requested, please forward date of arrival.
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